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How To Hang Plants Without Destroying Your Walls

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Floor plants are beautiful, shelf plants are lovely, but there’s something magical about floating plants. They take us out of the ordinary, gravity-ruled world, and meet us right at our sight line. They lift our gaze and spirits, like little green stars in our indoor sky.

The thing is, our plant fantasies come crashing to the ground when we realize that we don’t have a way to hang them. The look is fantastic, but the ceiling holes and cracked plaster aren't.

Need a workaround to spare your home? Here’s how to hang plants without turning your walls or ceiling into Swiss cheese.

1) S-shaped Hooks On Moldings

Hang your plants without holes. Check the moldings at the top of your windows, some are flat, but some protrude. If you have the kind that extend, you are in luck! You can buy these inexpensive S-shaped hooks at your local hardware store, or on Amazon. Balance the hook right on top of the molding. You won’t have to worry about weight either, because moldings are usually very secure.

2) Horizontal Bar

This is a great way to hang several plants. If you have two stable ends and a bar, you have a plant hanger. The bar in this photo is balanced on top of two door moldings. Set the your rod or bar in between the ends, and make sure it's stable. Most hardware stores sell copper piping or wooden rods, and will cut them to size for little or no charge. The one in this photo is a very strong, thick stair railing I had custom cut at Lowe's Home Improvement.

3) The Standing Coat Rack

Hang your plants and move them anywhere. I love how mobile this option is. A great way to hold both hanging pants and shelf plants; coat racks can be used as plant hangers plus! Use the top bar to hang plants and the bottom shelf for potted plants, or as a storage space for extra planters. You can even use the side and top bars like a giant trellis. Give your ivy and pothos the right light and this support system, and they will thrive.

4) Heavy Weight Command Stickers

If your space won't allow for any of the above options, you can still hang plants. Heavy weight Command stickers - the kind meant for jackets and framed photos, can hold planters too. These won't suspend a plant from above, but will adhere to the wall and hold a hook. Just make sure you check the maximum weight listed on the package, and be sure your planter is lightweight or plastic instead of heavy ceramic. You can find a variety of different brands and sizes on Amazon, or in the hook aisle of a hardware store.

It takes a little extra effort to hang a plant, but it's so worth it! A healthy hanging plant will trail beautifully in your home or work space. Feel free to post questions in the comment section below. I would love to know which successful methods you've used, or which of these hanging options worked for you!

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