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5 Growing Tips For A Perfect Pothos Plant

Pothos - such a classic, and definitely one of my favorites. Pothos, or epipremnum aureum have long vines that trail, climb, and spill. There's something extra friendly about these plants. I remember my grandmother's pothos vines trailing around her kitchen, and the way she smiled sweetly about them.

Part of the potho's popularity is because it is both beautiful and sturdy. Meet it's basic needs and most pothos plants will do just fine, but we can do better than fine. If we step up our maintenance, we can amplify its beauty. Here's how to fine tune your pothos care for a glossy, full plant.

1) Watering Frequency - Don't Skip A Beat

Get the watering frequency right, and your pothos will thrive. When the very top layer of soil dries out and feels crispy, it's time to water. Judge by the soil, not by the leaves. If you wait until the leaves wilt, it's too late. Repeated wilting stunts growth and weakens your plant, so let the soil be your watering guide.

2) Adjust To The Seasons

Robust pothos roots soak up a lot of water, but their absorption rate depends on the light. In the height of summer, you may need to water every three days, in dark winter months you might water every 13 days. Adjust accordingly. As soon as daylight decreases, ease up on the watering. If you don't, you'll end up with yellow leaves, fungus gnats, and irreversible root rot, so pay close attention to the amount of light, and dial your watering frequency up or down.

3) Top Light - If It's High, Give It A Sky

Pothos trail and spill beautifully from a tall shelf, but if your plant is close to the ceiling, it probably isn't getting light from above. You can get away with this for a while, but eventually your plant will look spindly. Keep your plant lush and full by providing an overhead source of light. Place a grow light over your plant, or position your plant low enough to receive light from above.

4) Recycle Vines

Even a healthy pothos will thin out on top as it ages. If your older plant is bare on top, you can trim the longer vines, root them in water, and replant them in the same pot. I recommend propagating shorter pieces with just one or two nodes. This way new growth fills out the top of the plant instead of immediately trailing down.

5) Rainwater - The Magic Potion

Here's my favorite tip for making your pothos glow - rainwater! Just hours after you give it rainwater, your potho's leaves will perk up and shine. Use rainwater regularly and you'll see new growth and bigger leaves. Just make sure the water is room temperature before you use it. Fresh rainwater works best, not stagnant. Your plant will thank you with glossy, bouncy leaves.

If you take good care of your pothos it can last decades. When you have a plant for that long it doesn't just grow in your home, but grows a little place in your heart. It may even live on in the memory of a child who saw how much you loved it and how much it loved you back.

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